Strange ISF shader behaviour..?

first thing: i am quite ignorant about shader coding so there may be a simple explanation or fix for this:

I have an ISF shader that I downloaded from and if I drag and drop it straight from the unzipped folder inside my Downloads folder it works perfectly.

But if I put it in the User folder so I can load it through the new ISF Loader it fails, showing the following error message:

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 10.08.13

  • so it would be good to get advice on how to correct this error, but I’m also puzzled why it works from one location and not the other.

NB: it only works when it is inside a folder in the Downloads folder…?

Most other shaders that I have added to my User folder work OK.

Hey Rob,

Most shaders you can download from come with at least two files in the zip:

  • a file with the .fs (Fragment Shader) extension
  • a file with the .vs (Vertex Shader) extension

ISF Loader only accepts and reads .fs files, but some fragment shaders do require their companion vertex shader in order to work. As long as the fragment shader and vertex shader files are in the same folder and share the same name, things should work just fine.

Let me know if that helps!

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boom. it works. many thanks! today my knowledge about shaders increased by .001 per cent… :slight_smile:

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