Still Image properties

Hi, I’ve been playing a lot with the alpha builds and everything is looking and working great, this is becoming a solid product! In the meantime, I’m struggling to achieve some things:

  1. I’m using simpler to add a still image, but the image always seems to have a blending effect when I start adding other elements beneath, by adding other chains below this image chain or by inserting a new Ableton track below the track that contains the simpler image. there seems to be no way to stack objects behind the image while displaying the still image in its original colors without any blend mode. What am I doing wrong?
  2. is there a way to round the corners of an image? I’m not looking for a perfect circle, I just want rounded corners. Are you planning on including this in Cropmap in the future?
  3. What’s the best way to achieve something like a drop shadow effect?


Hey Rafael, thank you for the kind words! Nice to know you feel like we’re on the right track!

  1. You can achieve this by setting the blend mode for the chain to Alpha, using the Properties device. Each chain can host one Properties device, each with its own blend mode. Tracks are blended from top to bottom, so, let’s say we have three chains. The top chain is in fact the bottom layer, and the bottom chain is the top layer. When the blend mode for all three chains is set to alpha, the bottom chain will drawn on top of the chain above it, and so on. If you’d like this explained visually, I highly recommend watching this video.
  2. I currently can’t think of an easy way to do this, other than to use another application to create a mask image (in Simpler) or video (on a track) with the rounded corners that you like, and use that to blend with the tracks you want to apply the rounded corners to. Obviously, this is far from convenient. We are working on an elegant custom shape/masking solution, but until that is finished, we can add a rounded corner feature to CropMap first.
  3. I was able to create some kind of shadow effect in this video. You can download the example project here. Maybe you can take inspiration from that? :slight_smile:
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This is awesome! thank you so much for the references, I was able to do everything I wanted! here is the final result of what I could do: Rafael Matos da Silva on Instagram: "My cover artwork vision is finally complete!🤘 #videosync #showsync #ableton #animatedcover #animatedcoverart #selfatomica"

PS: A round feature for the crop would be great, which allows skewed rectangles with rounded corners, and could potentially make morphing squared shapes with round shapes much more easily without relying on shaders. :slight_smile:

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