Speeding up video using a macro control in Ableton

Hi guys,

Can anybody help me? I’m trying to figure out how to speed-up video using Videosync and to control the speed using a macro controller. The idea is to use a device with a gyroscope sensor which will be mapped to this macro and will speed up/slow-down the video according to the movements.

I tried to map the BPM setting, pitch control, velocity, but none of these seemed to actually speed up the video. I tried to use ISF Loader with the Echo Trace effect, but the final result is a blurried video.

Do you know any way to do this?

Thanks in advance for the help!


Hi Bruno!

If you’re using video clips on Audio tracks in either Session- or Arrangement View, the only way to change the playback speed during playback, is to change/automate/modulate the Master Tempo of the Live Set. This is the same for audio. Make sure the video clips are warped in this case.

Perhaps this is a case more suitable for a video sampler device, which can act independently from the Master Tempo. I tried to do this with Simpler by modulating the Pitchbend, but it doesn’t seem to be supported currently. So unfortunately, I personally can’t think of a way on how to do this right now with Simpler. Something for us to look into eventually!

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Thanks a lot Jean-Paul! Looking forward to see this feature in the future! I couldn’t think of any other solution that would work, just like you’ve described.

Thanks again and I really appreciate your reply