Specified IP address not being sent to correct physical interface

OK I noticed this last week with Beam v1 but waited until yesterday in the studio to confirm the issue also happens with the v2 beta. If I enter any address into the ArtNet IP address is is sent to the loopback interface, regardless of which interface on my system has that particular subnet. In the attached packet capture screen shot you can see I’ve entered the address of my WiFi interface (en0 in the box in Beam but the DMX traffic is still appearing on lo0. The odd thing is when I changed the IP in Beam to a completely random and unused number on the WiFi subnet, the traffic disappeared altogether, no DMX packets in lo0 or en0 or anywhere that I could find.

Have I found a bug or am I doing something so obviously wrong I’m not seeing it? It certainly explains why I had so much trouble getting the Capture demo to work reliably, and why I haven’t yet been able to get my Vuo app to see any Art-Net messages.

Screen shot is of the beta but can confirm this also affects 1.5.2


UPDATE: It’s me, I’m an idiot, the IP address in Beam is that of the destination on the network, not the sending side. I feel like I was lead astray by my mis-reading of the explanatory text in the app, perhaps there’s a way to have that be a bit clearer for das dumbkopfs like me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! When you say the “explanatory text”, do you refer to:

As far as Beam 2.0 Beta goes, that is still under development, and while we’re happy to share it with anyone interested, please keep feedback on that via private messages for now to avoid confusion.

Yes, I was coming from an app where I tick a box on the wifi interface - the ‘output address’ to enable ArtNet, so I read this completely wrong. Something like “Choose an output interface from the list. If you have an ArtNet device, enter its IP.” something like that maybe, makes it a bit clearer to me anyway.

and my apologies, shan’t mention the other thing here again. my bad. :slight_smile:

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