Specific Live Project Crashing When Trying To Load

Hi, I have a project with a configuration of Modul8 + Live + Videosync. Modul8 is sending video to Videosync via Syphon, and Videosync/Live is processing the incoming video stream.

This was working fine and seemingly stable “forever” until suddenly Live will now sponateously quit when I try to load the Live project. Now the project crashes 70% of the time or so.

The only thing that I think changed in the interim was I installed the latest Videosync beta - is there any chance doing this might have upset the system?

I have Ableton and Apple crash reports saved for the offending project. Would it help to track down the problem if I sent them in, or is there anything I could look for in either crash report to try and track down the problam?

Any advice gratefully received.

Hey Paddy, thanks for reporting this. We can look at the crash reports and see if we can determine what area may be responsible for the crashes. Could you email them to us?

  • Does Live also crash when you load the project, without running either Videosync and/or Modul8?
  • Do you use any 3rd party plugins in your Live Set? If yes, is there any difference when you disable your plugins in Live’s Preferences?

Hey Jean-Paul, email sent.

I think I may have found a fix for it, I suspect possibly an ISF was causing the issue. I noticed sometimes when the project would load, the Basic Shape ISF would not instanciate (the plugin window would stay on “loading…” forever) Removing that ISF, and/or also simplifying a bit of internal video routing inside Live seems to have returned to stability… touch wood!