Simpler defaults End Frame to 2880?

I’m having an issue loading song-length videos into Simpler. It defaults the end frame to 2880 after I load up the Live set, so the video gets cut off long before it’s done. I can adjust the end frame to end where it’s supposed to, but only if the Videosync application is open. And then doing so often crashes the Videosync application. If I try to set the end frame to where it’s suppose to be and then save, it does not save this value. When I reload the live set, it defaults back to 2880. Is this (not cheap) software not designed to handle videos of song length?

Hi John,

Song-length videos are best loaded as a clip in Session View. The files Simpler can handle depends on the resolution and the length of the video files.

That said, I’d expect the end frame not to default back to 2880 and Videosync to not crash. Maybe you can send me the video file you’re having issues with via email?

I also have a not yet released alternative for you that should make Simpler handle song-length files. I can get you up-and-running with that via email as well.


Thank you for your response Hidde! To be honest, I had no idea you could use VideoSync to display video that has been loaded into Session View!! I think that tip should solve my problems! I will be in contact if I have any further issues.

Thanks again!!

Okay, already running into an issue. The clip plays fine through Session View but it only plays back through VideoSync if I manually trigger it. In other words, if I try to record the clip to the arrangement so that it’s automated, then it does not play back through VideoSync. Any suggestions?

All I’m trying to do here is have a song-length clip trigger at a certain point in the arrangement, and then keep playing until the song is finished. It seems like this shouldn’t be such a difficult thing to do, especially with software that costs $250, but I’m running into issues no matter how I try to do that.

I took the time to put together a video of the issues I’m running into. I will send it to the email you provided in your response, along with the videos I’m trying to use VideoSync with. Thank you!!

Hi John,

I see. Unfortunately, as you noticed, Videosync doesn’t work in the Arrangement View. This is because we rely on Max for Live and the Control Surfaces to do what we do, and the Arrangement View isn’t supported in Max for Live. So, using Videosync with your Arrangement View workflow requires some workarounds. Hopefully we’ll be able to fully support Arrangement View (workaround free) once the functionality becomes available in Live.

Thanks for taking the time to make that video. Let’s continue via email and I’m sure we’ll be able to find a way to make Videosync fit in your workflow.


For those who are looking for ways to use Videosync in combination with the Arrangement View, after talking to John we landed on the following workflow:

Another option is to maybe launch the Session View clip through something in Arrangement View. The launch button of Session View clips can be Midi Mapped. So sending out a Midi note from the Arrangement View to the Session View could let you control the clip.

Here’s a great video on using the IAC driver - a solution for letting Live control itself with midi notes. So the idea of using the IAC driver would be to launch the clip in Session View with a note, instead of turning the metronome on and off like Will does in the video.