Showsync and APELABS

Hello Folks!

I’m digging in the fabulous world of syncing lights with abelton on our shows. You could check insta @twodotsband :wink:

A friend told me Beam is THE program. We have 10 led bars “Ape Labs sticks” and 6 uplighters “Ape Labs MaxiV2”. They don’t appear in the fixture list of yours. Did anybody sync any ape Labs fixture with Beam? If not, is it a possibility to ask Showsync to add them and what are the timing?

Thank you!

Hey Gwenn, great to have you and see you rocking with Beam!

Here are the fixtures for all the different DMX modes of your APE Labs fixtures. Looking at this page it seems all their fixture models use the same DMX channel configuration, you just need to check what firmware version your fixtures are using.

APE Labs All - 4ch.sbf (1.0 KB)
APE Labs All - 8ch.sbf (1.0 KB)
APE Labs All (firmware 4.9) - 3ch.sbf (602 Bytes)
APE Labs All (firmware 5.0) - 7ch.sbf (1.3 KB)

Please let me know if this does the job for you.

Hello Luka!

Thank you so much for this. I’m just waiting for my Enttec ODE Mk3… As soon as I have it, I’ll check if it does the trick. Thanks again!