Setting window size

I’m not able to set the window size in the Master out module by clicking and typing in the H or V field. I can right click and zoom by scrolling up or down. But I am not able to set a precise resolution (i.e. 1280x720).

Hi Doug,

Thanks for reporting this. However I cannot reproduce the issue, typing in the x, y, w an h fields works just fine.

Could this have something to do with Live not being the focussed application (this happens sometimes, and it causes some of Live’s interface interaction to be broken, including max for live)?


It’s my mistake. I keep expecting the selected field to turn white when clicked in, which it doesn’t do. So, yes I can enter a number into a field successfully. Fields in other Apps turn white, is my Live broken? I don’t recall how it acted in the past.

Something I never noticed, clicking in a field causes a thin black border to appear around the field, hard to see. As I said, I mostly work in ProTools where selected fields are easier to see.