Setting up an Artnet output

I keep meaning to ask…
When I add an Artnet output device I’m offered 2 options: a single item or a node. The node has a drop-down menu which has a generic Artnet device in it, but not the Enttec ODE 3 that I have connected. Is that right?
And my guess is that I don’t need to use the node option, but just put the Enttec’s URL in the appropriate field in the single port option?

Yes, you should be able to use both. My guess is that the generic ArtNet device is the Enttec, although I’m unsure why it doesn’t display the ODE’s name. What name does it display for you?

The ArtNet node list gets populated through the ArtNetPoll message, which basically means that Beam sends out a message that requests all ArtNet devices to announce themselves. If no ArtNet device is connected, the list should be empty.

I’ll check out the actual device name tomorrow when I have time…

Something I’ve noticed when working with ArtNet devices is that the computer’s network settings play an important role too - especially when setting the device’s IP address directly in Beam. For example, if the ArtNet device has an IP address in the range of 10.0.0.x, I always put the computer to a manual IP address in the same range. The subnet mask also had to match for the device to correctly receive the ArtNet data.

Darn it, I forgot about that. Later….