Sending parameters form abelton to arena

Hello i am studyng the system
I have place a dispatcher in main, and i can see that the 2 sw are linked in someway.When i stop ableton resolume stops. But If i start from bar 0 in Ableton, arena will just start again from where it was.So this is the first little issue
Other one is bigger, what parameter send. I am able to see the connection between the parameter that the parameter forwarder offer, and ableton, but those parameter are just a few. Let’s say, simply, i want that automatically the opacity of che clip in arena is connected to the volume on the clip playing in lower volume lower opacity…and so on How do i do that?thanks

Hi Stefano, welcome to the forum!

  1. To make sure that Resolume resyncs whenever you (re)start playback, make sure to enable Resync on Start in the Resolume Dispatcher device.
  2. As you can probably tell, the Resolume Parameter Forwarder device can only grab parameters from a device that is placed to its left. As it currently stands, using any other parameters from Live’s UI in the same way is not supported.

Thanks. Yes it is set on Resync on start. But as i said the clip in resolume nevers tart from the begininning when ableton does
IIt i sof for th eparameter…i’d just need the syntax to put in the right panel…As for example i was tying to send some parameter to Opacity in Clip but could not find the path
I could sent it to dashboard-composition and dashboard-layer…but i haven’t found ho to send it to clip

  1. Could you try enabling BPM Sync for the clips you want to sync to Live? As far as I know, you will have to do this for each clip that you want to sync to Live’s playback.

  1. The easiest way to see the available paths, is to click the dropdown menu on the right end of the path field:

ahh so those are th eonly available path? i though they were just examples and i coul duse other path for other paramters. So no parameter con be sent to individual clip, right?

I think you can do more than that, but for that I would have to refer you to Resolume support instead. Here is a page on their support website that goes in detail about how you can interact with Resolume through OSC (which is what our plugins do):

ok that’s sound good
In fact i thought there was no reason for that to do not work.Only thing is to know the correct path

anyway even with BPM sync on resolume will not start from beginning

I have found the correct osc address for all the other parameters!

Can you confirm that you have enabled BPM Sync for every clip in Resolume, as well as enabled these three toggles in the Resolume Dispatcher device?

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 15.35.42

yes , the 3 are checked. The tempo works, the start stop works, the start from 0 no

i don’t know what happened…after putting the clip in th arrangement view…now it works corectly both in arrangement and session

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