Send absolute values with singlenotegrabber

I’d like to send OSC message with absolute messages to resolume 6.
For example set the layer’s video width to 1200
/composition/layers/1/video/width “a” 1200
Using the “a” as string argument to specify that I’m setting an absolute value.

When I type this address in singlenotegrabber, the double quotes are removed automatically, and there is left:
/composition/layers/1/video/width a 1200
Which doesn’t work. Is it possible to change this behaviour, so that the double quotes are not deleted?

Hi p8guitar,

Ha, that’s a funny way of using singlenotegrabber. Actually, the address field is only meant to be used for a single address string, not for additional arguments.

The quotes being removed is standard Max behaviour, quotes are only supposed to be used for strings that contain spaces. I personally find this counter-intuitive, even though it’s modelled on how the unix shell works.

That is not the reason why it doesn’t work though, Resolume probably supports receiving the a without quotes just fine. The problem is that this is not the kind of usage this plugin is built for, it can only send an address plus the velocity of the note.

Since this is a pretty specific use case, I would encourage you to open up the Max for Live device and see if you can modify it to do what you want. It shouldn’t be much work once you have the basics of Max covered.


Btw, I did a quick test, it looks like only the first extra argument is sent instead of the velocity when you add arguments behind the address, so indeed Resolume will not actually receive the 1200 you added as a second argument.