SceneGrabber -problems with over 85 scenes

Hi all,

am using ure brilliant plugin since some time now.
With a new show I run into a problem:
If I have more than 85 cues (called by number) that I want to fire from an ETC-EOS, the plugin is not working any more. It will show the correct number/OSC-string in the GrabberReciever but won’t translate it correctly. Without knowing too much of programming I guess there is somewhere something liek a container that can’t handle that much files?

Workarounds like a second SceneGrabber with a differnt OSC-string is not working as Live complains that there are 2 Scenegrabbers open. As this might be easier to solve (as u can do that with other plugins as well) this might be a good way to solve my issue.

If explained what to do in MfL I might as well try it on my own if needed ;D

tanks a lot,

Hi Axel,

Thanks a lot for getting in touch about this. I could reproduce and it should be fixed in Livegrabber 4.4 that you can download now from the website.