Resolution in videosync 1.3 trial

I am running a 1080p video from videosync 1.3.
The trial version.
I have an output from my macbook air M1 via usb to hmdi,
to my 4K TV.
My video has really bad resolution on the TV, when running it from ableton via videosync.
When I’m running the video from Photos via the same cable, I’m getting normal resolution.
Is it because I’m using the trial version that I get this bad video output?

Hi Johan, welcome to the forum!

Just to be clear about this (for other possible readers as well), a " trial version" of Videosync does not exist. After downloading Videosync, it simply runs in Trial mode until you activate a license in Videosync’s Settings/Preferences window. Other than a periodically appearing bouncing logo, there are no feature limitations while Videosync runs in Trial mode. In other words; what you see is what you get.

Johan also contacted us by email, where we were able to resolve the issue: the Live Set contained a track that was using Send A to send audio to Return A, but video follows the same signal path as audio in Live. In other words, by using a Send, you are also sending the video to the respective Return, resulting in two layers of the same image being added together, making for a brighter image with less detail.
Using a Properties device on the Return track to mute the video resolves the issue.

I can confirm that it solved the problem.