Resolume Launcher "Controlling" field won't save to project if Column selected

First of all thank you for these tools. As a total noob I managed to get results with both LiveGrabber and Resolume plugins after a few hours, knowing nothing at all about Resolume or OSC.

Second, a quick note. For users of GrabberSender trying to control Resolume with Ableton, it is not at all obvious that you need to delete the pre-filled “Sender Name” data if you want Resolume to respond. Once you do this it works as expected. Until then you will be very confused. There’s another ticket about this here but it’s not easy to discover or interpret.

Third, and the reason for the ticket. The Resolume Quick Launcher’s “Controlling” selection does not save with the Ableton project on Live 11 on either Mac or Windows. Not sure if there was a previous version issue here since I’m new. But this makes it feel like the plugin is broken every time you open a project and it takes me a minute to remember this needs to be set back to “Column” if you aren’t using the default “Layer” selection.

Again thanks for these they are great tools.

Thank you for bringing this to our intention! I’ve just fixed the issue with the Resolume Clip Launcher and uploaded a new version which you can download from the website, or by clicking this link.

Let me know if this indeed resolves the issue for you.

Yep it’s working now (at least on Windows but I assume Mac as well).

thank you again!

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