Resolume Clip Launcher not working with Ableton 10

Tested it inside Ableton 9, works great. I think there might be a patch needed for it to work inside 10. Thanks!

Hi John,

Thanks for reporting this. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the issue, for me it works as expected with Live 10.0.1 with bundled Max, Live 10.0.5 with bundled Max and with Live 10.0.5 with Max 8.0.2.

Did you download the plugins version v2.2?

Also, could you have a look at the Max For Live window in Ableton (right-click MFL device title bar, choose Open Max Window) if there are any error messages there?

Looking forward to hearing your findings.

Hey! So it actually works fine with just one copy of the device on a track, but it seems to not work after adding on more tracks. The dispatcher reads that the note is being sent out, but Arena doesn’t catch any other OSC data than the original clip launcher.

I also have this same problem with the parameter forwarder. Once I add more than one to a project, it seems to stop sending OSC data.

I’m doing this through an ethernet network connection between two Macs.

I just tested it going from the same computer, and it’s working fine with more than 1 instance of clip launcher. Is there something I need to change using a network connection?

For future reference, John told us via email that this problem was solved when switching to Max 8. On his system Live was set to use Max 7.

We will try to investigate what could cause Max 7 to exhibit this behavior.