Resize the video

Hi there
I’m a happy user of the Intro Videosync version and I’m not interested in any of the features of the standard version, but the video resizing.
I only want to display video while playing live, and don’t need the visual FX.

Is there any way to resize the video in the Intro version ?

Would it be possible, in the future, to just let us buy separate features from the standard version ?
I know it could be a mess regarding licensing, but so far I truly don’t need any visual FX other than resizing the video, that should be the basic feature of the app.

Except that, I’m pretty amazed at the stability and ease of use of this app. Great work !

Hey Pierre, welcome to the forum and thank you for the kind words! Happy to hear Videosync Intro is fitting most of your needs!

Currently there is no way to resize videos with Videosync Intro, as this would require a Max for Live device. We decided to add Videosync Intro as a more economic option for users who are purely interested in adding more advanced video playback to Live, and who possibly do not own Max for Live. That way there is clear distinction for their intended use cases and supported features compared to different editions of Live.

Aside from that, yes, licensing for separate devices would indeed make things much more complicated, and that is not something we are looking to pursue at this point.

Salut Jean-Paul, and thanks for the quick answer.
Too bad, but of course I understand…
I will think about upgrading to the standard version…