Registration problems

Hello. I apologize if this topic has been covered before but I’m a newbie!

I purchased the $99 Videosync. What an amazing app. Works flawlessly with my Ableton Live showing background videos with my live show.

It is still running in the demo mode. I have not received a code from the company (if that is what is required) or had any response from the several emails I have sent.

My next live show is in two weeks and I’d really like to have this fixed by then.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Scott Casey

Hi Scott,

Welcome to the forum. Could you please check the spam folders of your inboxes? I’ve replied to both emails that you’ve sent, but it seems my replies haven’t reached you! Let me know if you can find the emails.

Hi Jean-Paul. I have checked all spam and trash folders. Not sure why you aren’t getting through. My main email address is perhaps that one will work.

Thank you for your responses.
Scott Casey

Mysterious! Instead of resolving this over email, I’ve sent you a DM with your license information on this forum.

Looks like it worked! Thank you!

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