Recording video output to multiple projectors in Syphon

Hi, and apologies if this is not the right forum for this question. I’m working in Madmapper, and want to record the ouput to several projectors in Syphon Recorder. I’ve set up a canvas in Syphon that’s wide enough to include all my projectors, and each of the 3 projectors I’ve told Madmapper to ‘publish’ to show up in the dropdown menu of the Syphon window, but I can only choose one at a time, and each then shows up only in the middle of the letterbox canvas I’ve created. Can I get all 3 recorded simultaneously? I’m trying to record an image that expands from being tiny on one projector to large across 3 projectors. Thanks for any advice.


Yes this seems like the wrong forum for this question, since no aspects of your question seem to be related to any software that we create!
But since we’re here anyway I might as well tell you my thoughts here: perhaps best to just record one large videofile, that spans across 3 projectors, and if you want you can then cut that file up into 3 parts with any video editing software or ffmpeg?