Recording output

Looks like an amazing piece of software.

I’m looking at this more to assemble parts of music videos from my tracks in Ableton rather than live performance at present and then editing that content in Premiere or Davinci resolve. Can the output of this therefore be recorded to facilitate me doing this?

If so then what would be the max output resolution and also if third party software is needed here then what would you recommend?

Hi borez,

The best option would of course be for us to simply mirror the clip record option of Live to video, resulting in a perfectly rendered video clip on disk.

However, that is not yet implemented (and currently not close in our roadmap). The best option we know of now is to use Syphon Recorder as discussed here: Recorder module

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Thanks, where do you get the Syphon out plugin that you talk about putting on the master track in Ableton?

Ha, good catch. That is actually outdated. The Master plugin no longer exists and the Syphon output is now built-in in the latest versions, you can enable it in the Output Settings Window.

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Ahh worked this out, the Syphon out plugin is actually the Monitor plugin in video sync and then you have to turn the master Syphon out on in the output settings and it’ll see it in Syphon recorder.

Actually, you don’t even need the Monitor plugin! The Monitor plugin does not have any functionality besides displays the connection state and frame rate in your Live set as convenience.

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