Recording output on a Windows platform?

I am very interested in getting Videosync - but I am on a Windows platform. My primary requirements are to have software that I can BOTH create live performance work AND secondarily record the output for later video editing into YouTube videos etc. This is important to maintain the look and feel of branding etc. All I have seen in the forum so far mentions the need to use Syphon… Syphon only works on Mac if I am not mistaken… How can I record the output into clips on a Windows system? I am surprised that this is not simply built into your product as so many producers need to capture the video output for use in online videos so that they creativity of the brand is maintained online.

Thank you for bringing these questions to us, and welcome to our forum!

You’re right about Syphon being only available for macOS, but just to be clear; Videosync is currently only available for macOS as well, which is why we’ve only referred to using Syphon to record the output of Videosync. The Syphon Recorder application is free and works great for most uses so far, but surely in the long run a tighter integration with Live would be preferred. Support for Windows is definitely on our minds, but unfortunately there is no ETA at this moment.