Recorder module

I can think of many desired efx, but a Recorder module would be great, to resample Videosync output and create video clips in LIve.

The way we currently record clips is by using a Syphon out plugin on the master track to send the result to the Syphon recorder app.

What would be ideal however is a system that not just records the output frames but saves the incoming events. We could then render back the clip with a perfect frame rate with a non-realtime renderer. Hopefully we will find time in the future to make that happen.


Yes, thank you. Syphon Recorder works great except you need to trim the clip afterwards if it’s beat responsive. Most desirable would be a recorder that also records audio in the clip.
Last night I played with Project Milk Syphon and brought that into Live, it worked perfect!

Agreed, fully mapping the clip record abiliy to video would be awesome. I believe this should be possible, theoretically.

Who knows, one day…

Thanks for the suggestion!

Just want to mention that Syphon Recorder is capable of recording audio. Thus, you can route the audio internally to the Syphon Recorder with an internal audio routing application like Loopback or Jack audio (haven’t tried that one).

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I’ll have to check that out, I haven’t had spare time to play with Videosync in the past month. Thanks!