Recommeded lighting visualiztion Software for Ableton and Beam

When I purchased Beam I thought it came with the virtual visualization software that is shown on the website. Is this not the case? If not, what are some recommended virtual visualation software options?

Thank You

Hey @greign2000, I assume you are referring to this:

Beam doesn’t include a visualizer - the virtual lighting environment seen on that part of the website is Capture.

This section mentions “a visualizer”:


If you click on the link, you arrive to the Getting Started tutorial, where you get to connect Beam with the Capture visualizer that you need to download separately.
We will think about how to also make it clearer on the main website itself that this is not part of Beam, thanks for the feedback!
Please note that there is a free trial version of Beam available, we always recommend trying that before buying.

Capture is a great option for lighting visualization, featuring a vast library of fixtures. They also have a free Student Edition that only has a limited number of fixtures, but it allows for saving and is great for testing and learning.

If you are familiar with Unreal Engine I also recommend checking out the DMX Plugin, which is free, highly customizable and can look great, but doesn’t come with a library of real-life fixture simulations as Capture does. Nice for creating imaginary worlds (we used it in this video), but if you are looking for something to help you prepare for e.g. playing in concert venues, Capture is a better option.

There are some other options out there, such as L8 and Depence, but I have no experience with those.

Thank you. I’ll check those out.