Reccomended specs for live use

at the moment i run my set from a push 3 standalone but want to add vid to my set.

I really like the look of this software but i’ll have to buy a macbook to use it live.

I’m trying to figure out how spec’d out i need my macbook to be so i’m wondering if anyone uses this software live that has had good/bad experiences.

the set has about 150 scenes

It runs at about 25% cpu on a m1 2020 model with 16gb ram.

Would 150 short 1080p videos running on this software overload this system?
And if so what would you reccomend?

If only i could run the push standalone for the audio and then have the macbook running ONLY the video for the least crashes right?

Hey Michael, welcome to the forum!

If you’re just looking to playback clips from the Session View or Arrangement View, then the M1 model you have should easily be able to do that. If you want to use MIDI and our Simpler device to trigger videos, it’s good to be aware about RAM consumption. There has been an interesting topic about that recently, you can find it here.

If you want to manipulate visuals in realtime with Videosync’s effects, then basically the more GPU cores you have, the better. You can already do quite a bit of that on the regular M1 at 1080p, and there is considerably more headroom at 720p.

You’re welcome to try out Videosync by downloading it from our website. Without an activated license, it runs in Trial mode perpetually with no feature limitations. The only change is an added watermark that periodically appears and moves around the screen, so apart from that, what you see is what you get.

And indeed, it would be really nice if Videosync could run and connect to a Push Standalone. Technically it is possible, but there are some practical limitations on Push that make it impossible for us to implement for now.