Profile for Stairville Wild Wash 132 LED RGB

Hi, are there more profiles available to download? I got two Stairville Wild Wash 132 LED RGB and the available profiles don’t match exactely (e.g. Beam Strobe effect ==> Rate and Duration control doesnt work and RGB selector controls colors AND rate).

Hi Johannes,

Thanks for reaching out. Here is a fixture profile for your fixture in the 6-channel mode (place it in your Fixture Profiles/User folder):
Stairville Wild Wash 132 LED RGB - 6ch.sbf (1.1 KB)

To control the Strobe channel, use the shutterstrobe modulation parameter. The easiest way to do that is using the Generic device:

The Beam Strobe device will not work with this profile, as the Strobe Rate and Strobe Duration parameters of that device control the stroberate and strobeduration modulations. The modulation name choice when making fixture profiles is flexible, but considering the Strobe channel of the 6ch mode of your fixture has multiple slots/ranges, I thought the shutterstrobe modulation parameter was more appropriate.

If you need any other fixture profiles you are always welcome to post a request here, but you can also make your own using Beam’s Fixture Editor (Window → Fixture Editor or CMD+2).

Hi Luka, thank you so much for your quick reply. works now :slight_smile: Have a nice weekend

That’s good to hear - thanks for reporting back and confirming it works! Same to you!