Problem with the display

Hello there,
I just download ShowSync and I’m just looking at the first tutorial, read a bit of the manual and I had to stop cause as soon as I put my clip (Session View) on loop Mode, the video disappears and the ShowSync window remains black…
I saved my clip when I made some new markers…

Thanks a lot,


Hi Mélanie,

That is weird! Normally, the video should indeed become visible after saving the clip. Do you see any warnings or errors in the Console?


I’ve got the same problem
I can only loop videos using Simpler…

as I put my clip (Session View) on loop Mode the console says "INVALID WARP MARKERS FOR CLIP…)

Hi Guillaume,

Just to be sure, clicking the little ‘save’ button in the Clip View does not solve to problem? See the ‘Warping and looping’ section in our manual for more information:

If it doesn’t help, could you maybe share an example Live Set with me? A Live Set containing one video files that has this problem would be perfect. I’ll need to reproduce this problem here to find out what’s going on. You can send the Live Set to

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

All the best,


It’s fine now, thanks a lot it works now… I didn’t checked this 'click the “save” button thing…

Great stuff your software, I’ve done my first live show with last week…

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Great! Thanks for the update. Hopefully, we can drop the ‘click the save button’ requirement in the future!