Problem with fixture editor


I am very interested in your program. I just loaded the demo but I have a problem
I enter a generic dimmer I test it lights up but in ableton when I load the generic dimmer instrument it does not appear there is always none.
the same for led par starville. them I can’t even turn them on in test. where is my mistake.
Thanks in advance .
I am on ableton live suite 11.0.12 and macbook pro mid 2012 High sierra
I also tried with my macbookpro M1 it’s the same thing


Hi Bruno,

Welcome to the forum!

In Beam, fixtures have to be assigned to tag in order to be able to control them in Live. The reason you only see the “None” option in the Generic device (or any of the instruments), is most likely because you have not assigned your fixtures to a tag yet. You can do this when adding new fixtures to the patch:

Or after they’ve been added to the patch already:

After assigning fixtures to one or multiple tags, you can select the tag in a desired instrument in Live:

Let me know if this helps.

Hi, Jean Paul, thanks for your quick response. Hi, thanks for your quick response. ok i managed to tag. I had not written the name in the tag tab. it appears well in ableton but my by led does not work even in the test… how to send a photo? do you speak French ? merci d’avance

Hi Jean Paul,
(I sent this same message to firstcontact)
Could you send me the patch fixture for the par 56/64 stairville 10 MM black floor RGB (old version) and for the Led Bar 6 QCL RGBW eurolite.
And the method to integrate them into the tags.
When it works I buy your system with pleasure ;0)

Hello Bruno,

Thanks for your interest in Beam! I just replied to your e-mail, but also sharing the requested fixture profiles here (for anyone else that might look for them):


Please let us know if this works for you.

super ! thank you very much, I test all that tomorrow or after tomorrow!

Hey, it works!
Yeah! Thanks !
I do not understand everything, for example why the stroboscope works because it is not in the addresses (there is only red green, blue)?
just a question the license is for 1 computer or more?
thank you again I buy it as soon as I have your answer
Bravo !

Hey Bruno,

Good to hear it works!

I do not understand everything, for example why the stroboscope works because it is not in the addresses (there is only red green, blue)?

I assume you are referring to the Fixture Editor:

Fixture Editor does not (at the moment) display the channels of a selected fixture in the Patch Editor or anything like that. The Red, Green and Blue channels you see when you first open the Fixture Editor (as on the screenshot above) is the default starting point for a new fixture profile. In order to preview other fixture profiles make sure you are in the Fixture Editor and go to File → Open.

For example, this is the fixture profile for your Eurolite LED Bar fixture, where Strobe Rate is present:

The Patch Editor will only know about a fixture profile once you have saved it to the Fixture Profiles/User folder.

Let me know if this makes sense. We are aware the user experience of this aspect of Beam still needs some improvements and are currently working on them, so hearing this was confusing for you is valuable feedback which we will take into consideration.

just a question the license is for 1 computer or more?

From the Support website:

On how many computers can I use a license?
The current limit is 2. If you require more unlocks, please send us an email.

Happy to hear you are considering using Beam for your work. Please let us know if there is anything else you might need help with.

Hi, Thank you very much for all this informations !
I just bought the license !
Your system is great !

Hey Bruno, that’s great - thank you!
If you need help with anything else at any point, just let us know.
And last but not least, if you make something cool with Beam, feel free to share a clip!

Yep, with pleasure !