Problem syncing MTC internally

Hi guys, hope you’re all having a great Feb. I’m a bit stuck trying to get these two programs talking, hoping there’s a wizard out there that can help me :slight_smile:

I have Ableton 10 set up with M4L. Showsync Live MTC Bridge.

Destination Port in MTC Bridge is Loopbe Internal MIDI
FPS 30

Ableton settings are midi port input NONE
midi port output Loopbe Track ON, sync ON, remote ON

Ok, so far does that look right?

I’m sending to a software called LSS Led Strip Studio. Inside LSS there is a a show synchronization selection where I have enabled MTC with midi device Loopbe Internal MIDI. It can only receive MTC.

Nothing happens in LSS when the track is running in Ableton. :frowning:

Is there any other virtual midi software that might work for me, or could I be missing something?

Hi Shevskedd,

I am not familiar with LSS, however, the first tip I would give is to test the setup with another program that receives MTC, such as Pro Tools or Numerology. Does that work for you?

Alternatively, you could use a tool like MidiView to see if there are MIDI time code bytes coming in, as shown in this screenshot:

Let us know how you fare!