Possible feature request: ISF loader Wet/Dry..?

pretty much what the title says… I love the new ISF loader, but the opportunity to fade it in and out of sequences as you can with the Videosync effects would be great for my workflow.

If there’s already an easy way to do this, plz feel free to instruct me.

Hey Rob,

In Live it’s rather easy to create a Dry/Wet control yourself for just about anything by wrapping one or more devices within a Rack.

  • Grouping ISF Loader (using CMD+G after selecting the device) will put it in an Audio Effect Rack.
  • If you then open the Chain List on the left side, you can add another empty chain by right clicking in the area that says “Drop Audio Effects Here”, and selecting “Create Chain”.
  • You may then rename this new chain to “Dry”.
  • To now make this into a Dry/Wet control, right click the Chain Volume parameters of both chains, and assign them to the same Macro.
  • Then hit the Map button in the title bar of the Audio Effect Rack. This will open the Macro Mappings list where you’d normally see the Browser. Here you can and should invert the minimum and maximum values of the Chain Volume of the Dry chain.
  • After this, hit the green Map button again to close the Macro Mappings list, and you can now use your Macro as a Dry/Wet control for ISF Loader.

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brilliant, thanks. I’m learning Ableton at the same time as Videosync, so there are some gaps in my knowledge that may seem obvious to accustomed Ableton users

That’s totally fine, I’m sure you’re not the only one :slight_smile: .
It’s great to have this on the forum for future readers!

last dumb question (just before the livestream!) - how do you do the neat edit to hide or remove the surplus macro controls?

With the little + and - buttons on the left side of the Rack :slight_smile: .

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sorry, i have more questions… is there a way of excluding audio from the chain inside the Rack and allowing it to bypass the visual shader? At the moment the wet/dry in the rack is also affecting the audio gain, in ways that accumulate if I daisy-chain more than one. I’m looking for a kind of neutral wet/dry that fades in/out the ISF filter as a visual effect, without intervening in the audio signal. I know that there are solutions to this via routing, but then these are less convenient than a drag-and-drop rack function, and make it harder to use envelopes to bring the ISF filter (or more than one) in and out over a combined audiovisual throughput within a single scene.

Yes, you can use a Properties device to mute either the audio or video of a chain. You could then make another chain within the same rack with which you mute only the video, so you can use this chain for audio passthrough.

I can see that this may not feel as the most intuitive, but Racks are actually one of the features that makes Live so great, so it’s a great asset to know your way around in them :wink: .

Another possibility is that you could - if you’re up for that - edit a shader and add a dry/wet parameter yourself.

But perhaps adding a “master” type of dry/wet is something we can discuss. Thanks for the input!

thanks Jean-Paul. I really appreciate the engagement with this. I’m a way off being able to code the shaders myself, but if there was a fairly universal bit of code that could be adapted - thats a good way to go. I will use a Properties device meanwhile. If I create and save templates it shouldn’t be too much re-building, and I can always push myself away from Session and into Arrangement mode to make it all easier…