Performance Issue with Sample Rate

hey guys,

im trying to run videosync for launching lyric videos snyced to my playback WAVs while also having an audio channel with several audio effects like a Vocoder for my vocals…

sadly this leads to audio dropouts and cracks so id have to higher the sample rate to 1024 !! so that it runs smoothly since it earler or later starts to stutter hardcore when run with 512 sample rate…

but i cant in hell sing my vocals with 1024… its way too much delay…

so so far i cant use this tool, it uses up way too much performance… very sad !

maybe anyone comes up with a solution ?

Hi Blackdawn,

Thanks for posting this issue. Singing live processed vocals with 1024 signal buffer is indeed not really an option.

Could you post your hardware specs?

Also, how did you encode your video? (for encoding tips, have a look at


im using a Macbook Pro from 2015, 16gb ram, quadcore etc so it is really not a slow computer…

also i just updated to the newes Mac OS X and also the newest Albeton 10 version

for video codecs i was trying out mp4, mov, hap, it didnt matter much… earlier or later the stuttering starts and leads to incredible audio dropouts if i dont higher the buffer to 1024 which is inacceptable sadly

the plugin on the master bus seems to use up a lot of performance or is problematic with JBridge which is need for my 32 bit Vocoder plugin “IL Vocodex”, together its just too much even for my pretty new laptop which shouldnt be…

Indeed with that MacBook Pro we always get fluent playback without buffer underruns even with a 64 samples buffer, so something must be wrong.

I’d be interested to know what your Ableton CPU usage indicator says with and without Videosync plugins, also, does the stuttering continue if you remove the heavier audio plugins from your set?

I’m sending you our latest beta via mail in which we did quite some optimizations, I’d be curious to know if they solve your issue. Otherwise we’d be happy to debug this with you and make sure to get this working on your system.

If you don’t mind I’ll make a short summary of our findings for future reference:

A 32 to 64 VST plugin converter (JBridge) that apparently needed a lot of CPU headroom was suffering from buffer underruns as soon as any extra app was launched next to the Live set, teamviewer for instance also caused a lot of stuttering.

So luckily this was not a Videosync issue per sé. On the other hand, if anyone knows alternatives to Jbridge or 32 lives, this might be of help to Blackdawn, feel free to post here.

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