Paramgrabber's learn function issue

I built a maxforlive device containing 836 map-buttons [via an external] that allow me to setup complex internal mappings in Live. They all have the scripting, long and short name “Map” (followed by a unique index number) and their “visibility” in the M4L patch structure is “hidden”.
However, putting a Paramgrabber behind my device, it still shows a huge list of “Map” items in the parameter dropdown menu. Using the parameter learn function on any of the GUI elements of my device does not show what I choose: instead I’m left with a “device on” parameter and many “Map” instances - my GUI element is still not visible. In fact, the parameter dropdown seems to be limited to “none” and a further 128 items [in my case “Map”] I changed the all map-button’s priority to 1 but that does not make any difference.
I hope you might have some suggestions on how to proceed from here…
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Hi JB, thanks for your post, we are aware of problems within the paramgrabber learning and mapping functionality and will look into it.
I will get back to this thread once we have a fix!

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Thanks a lot, Miro. Very much appreciated - since there is really not much of an alternative, apart from re-inventing the wheel in maxforlive…

It turned out that a whole lot of my non-gui parameters where set to “automated and stored”.
So mea culpa, as is so often the case. However, the learn function was not picking up chosen parameters. Is the parameter list in Paramgrabber limited to 128 entries?

Hi JB,

Thanks for pointing this out, there was indeed something limiting the amount of parameters the list could hold, it has been fixed now and will be implemented in an update coming one of these days.

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LiveGrabber 5.2.4 can now be downloaded from our main website, or by clicking this link.

Thanks JB and Miro!

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Thanks a lot, Miro, JP.
The issue is solved, as far as I can experience!