ParamGrabber - mod it to link to any device anywhere?

Thanks for this very helpful device! Would it be a reasonably easy modification to perform to allow each entry line of the ParamGrabber to be able to link to any parameter on any device anywhere in the set (some other devices with mappers can do this)? If not so easy, at least perhaps to any device on the current track? This would avoid the situation of me having to use many ParamGrabber devices scattered through out my track/project.


That is actually a good idea. The only reason that I believe we might keep limiting it to the previous device is that it allows to show the drop-downs of all available parameters.

Alternatively we could perhaps add a new device that is like the paramgrabber but without the drop-downs.

Would you have a preference?

A new device variation, though sacrificing the drop downs, would be great. Thanks for considering it!

Great, I will add it to our list. At the moment we are swamped with other work, but hopefully this will make it at some point.