Paramgrabber/Map incoming OSC data from a usb digitizer HELP!

Hello all
I’m struggling to find a workaround to make all thinghs communicate correctly.
I’m sorry for the long n00b message, i’ts my first thing with OSC ever.
The scheme:
IR distance sensors----->icubex USBmicrodig ( Port:7000 -------->macbookpro–>OSCROUTER------> ABLETON—>( Port:2345–>Grabber receiver on Master track----->TRACKGRABBER on the track to be controlled
Grabber receiver shows continuosly updating messages as i move along the sensor.
trackgrabber apparently doesn’t move the parameters linked to the address
I can’t find where the path is broken

Hi Jonny,

That sounds like it should work, if the GrabberReciever shows the incoming messages, the trackgrabber should be able to link them to the volume fader.

Would it be possible to share your test set and a screenshot of the grabberreceiver showing one of your messages in the Lastest message field?

Yes, with pleasure, where do i can uppload screenshots and .als?
Thanks Jonny

Ah yes, you can email them to me at


@Mattijs Was there a solution for this? I’m having the same problem. I’m able to get single note grabbers to properly fire the midi notes in that device, but when I link a knob (reverb wet/dry) to my paramgrabber, it lights up the paramgrabber input but does nothing to the linked knob. If I manually drag the knob with my mouse, it does light up paramgrabber so it seems they are linked but maybe there’s some other problem?

I don’t think I received any info from jonnyfire in the end. However my guess is that the input format was incorrect. An OSC message needs to consist of at least an address (like /sensor1) and then one value (like 0.123).

Would you be able to post a screenshot of the GrabberReceiver plugin that displays your incoming messages? That way we should be able to check if the message format is correct.

Thanks @Mattijs
Just had a chance to shoot a couple videos. I’ve tried sending a few ways with various decimal places.
there are several other events seen here but /TV1 is the one I’m trying to link. I also tested this with turning off the other messages and it still does seem to make my reverb wet knob move.

Thanks for taking the time to make these video’s, this is very helpful. It also looks like you have a fun setup there!

Just to make sure that I interpret these correctly:

  • Video 1 shows GrabberReceiver receiving values with address /TV1 from your controller
  • Video 2 shows you controlling the Dry/Wet knob with the mouse and demonstrates that the ParamGrabber field is correctly linked to the Reverb’s Dry/Wet knob.

This all looks correct to me at a first glance. I tried to reproduce your situation and for me it is all working as expected with LiveGrabber 4.3

Here is a Max patch that sends out the same events to Live as the ones you seem to be sending, and it correctly controls the Dry/Wet knob:


If you have access to a standalone version of Max (demo version is fine), you should be able to see if this does work for you. For instructions on how to use this code, see here.

There is one more thing I’d be interested in: would you be able to send us a screenshot of the MFL Max window (right-click the device title bar and select Open Max Window)?

Thanks again for having a look. Yes, that’s correct about the videos… Before I try that code, it looks like the message isn’t seen as a float. Hmm.

Ah! That could explain what is happening. Could the float perhaps be sent as a string by your controller?

Is the controller you use custom-made by any chance, i.e. are you sure the OSC implementation is correct?

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Yeah buddy!
That was it! Originally he was sending floats and we were having other connection issues I hadn’t yet discovered, so we thought it might have something to do with the number of decimal places in the float. Unity game engine spits out more than 4 decimal places and that looked different than the examples, so that’s when he switched over to trying strings because he knew how to truncate the decimals. Bottom line is, we moved on from that problem and tackled the connection issue and now we’re going back and ironing out the final details. Thanks so much for your very responsive help. These devices are really awesome.

Thats great to hear, I’m sure more people run into issues like this so it is good to have this documented.

Let us know if you happen to have a video of what you are building, it’s always fun to see what users of our plugins work on :slight_smile:

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Yes, thanks again,
We’re building a musical touch screen interactive art piece with kinect body tracking for an open house event we have coming up in a few weeks at our animation / XR studio. We plan on making a case study video for it and I’ll share it here.

That sounds amazing. Keep us updated!