OSC Trouble in Ableton

Hello, has anybody clues for me in a slow down scenario when using osc senders.

I have a Ableton und Resolume sumultanius runnung und want to Use OSC to control Resolume from Ableton.

First I tried to use The singele Note Grabber after a Drum Rack to Trigger Coollum/Clip 1-128 direktly.
This costs me aprox 20 Max instances of the Singlenote Grabber plus am Paramater Grabber.
After Tracks like this my system crashes. I Exported the Project to Macbook to se if it is OS dependant. It was not.

So need to use your competitors:


It is verry similar simmiliar to your patches. But also The Systems slows massivly down. It also afekts auditracks that are not fueld with the Max Devices. So that Send automatins are prozessed not propperly. it is not possible to make a Fadein from -inf with an Audiotrack. The track starts and the Fader uses the level from the scene before/above. After e few seconds the Fader reacts as ist should and jumps to the time based possition so that a few seconds of automation ar ignored. After kicking out all OSC related Max4Live patches the Audi reacts as normal. This happens with your devise as them in the link.

I think it is the Prozessing of OSC in Max and Ableton in General, Are there any hints of Improving OSC performance?

Have Done:

Newest Max Version Installed,
Newes Java Instaled,
Newest Ableton Standard + M4L intalled,
Newest Network Driver installed.

I am glag for any hlep and hints as also technical backrounds to figure out what happens.

Greetings Kutscher

Hi Kutscher,

Would you be able to send us a simple Ableton Live set that exhibits the problem you describe? That would make it easy to reproduce. And could you let us know the specs of your machine?

In general it would be good if we added a multi note grabber, that makes it easier to send out a range of notes, without the need to stack so many MFL plugins.

Thanks for getting in touch,

BTW, the Resolume plugins are not competitors, we made those, commissioned by Resolume :slight_smile: They are more tailored to Resolume specifically.

Hallo Martin,

Trank you for respond. The Term of Competitors was used for Max4Live Patches that are similar to your Parameter Grabber. This patches over the Resolume Forum only.

My Machine is a Dax z77x ud3h based i7 socket 1511 with 16Gb Ram. Dax is a Manufacturer in Berlin spezialised in Daw optimized PCs.

I am today not at Work but i con search Tor deeper specs at wednesday. I will also Try the Ableton connection kit patches for investigation. An also use a few scanners to see what OSC messages are sent in diffirent System Layers ans figure out wether feedback happens.

Do you know wich API processes the Max OSC messages. Network Monitor Shows Ableton.exe as sender of network messages.

Greetings Kutscher