No response from test

Hello, I have a simple but urgent problem, I would really appreciate your help.

I am using an ENTTEC open DMX from a Macbook Pro M1 to connect to a single channel Eurolite STL-50F LED.

A few days ago I was able to control it using Beam and Ableton with no problem. Now I come to work on my project today, and I can get no response at all. It is not a listed fixture so I am using ‘generic dimmer’. When I open ‘Monitor’ it is sending out 255 on test. If I open QLC+ the the lamp responds fine so there is no problem with the connection.

Any suggestions please? I was intending to finish my project today as I need to start installing tomorrow!

Hi George, thanks for writing in.

Sorry to hear about the trouble. It’s odd that this behavior would change if haven’t changed anything. Can you make sure that the Beam Update Rate and the FTDI Rate (click on the Preferences cog on the left side) are set to 30? This is the recommended update rate for the Open DMX interface.

Hi George, could it be that you are using a trial version and the 30-day period has expired?