No device "on", using gopro External in

i want to use Gopro hero 9, with external in .
My Problem ! no device appears. Even if I downlaod gopro software.

Do someone using gopro ?

Hi there!

Unfortunately the use of GoPro cameras is not supported, as for Videosync there is no integration with the GoPro API yet.

I want to use videosync in shows with external in, a video camera. As I am reading I can’t use GoPro, is there any other cameras I can’t use??
My idea is use the camera as a external signal that is going to be modified in the show with videosync (manually) and with another audio signal (automatized).
Is it possible? What about latency?


Hi Jose,

Any camera or capture card that is natively detected by macOS/Quicktime (so without installing any additional drivers) should work out of the box with Videosync. I personally have good experiences with the Elgato Cam Link 4k, and using that as a HDMI input for a Sony A6600.

Thanks Jean Paul! I’m new on this and it’s difficoult find persons who control your great tool, so If would like to ask you about 3/4 questions to start. Do you have an email for sending?

Thanks a lot!

Sure! You can either use, or use to contact me directly.