New to Beam, Fixture Profile Request

Hello, giving beam a try for my band with some entry level fixtures.
I am also entry level to lighting/dmx.

(2) DJXFLI Spider Moving Head Light LED RGBW 4in1
(2) 100w LED COB RGBWA UV 6in1 Audience Blinder Pars

I can “talk” to all four fixtures using test mode in Beam Patch Editor, but in Ableton only very limited control of the Spider RGBW Moving Lights.
The Audience Blinder RGBWA UV does not show up as a drop down option to connect, even though it has been added to the Beam Patch editor.

Link to manuals for both fixtures:

Thank you.

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Also have (2) ADJ Fog Fury Jett which I tried to connect after adding profile in patch edior.
Was able to see it in the Ableton Generic amxd dropdown, but was not able to test it in Beam Patch Editor nor operate it in Ableton.
Again, I am brand new to lighting, so please forgive me if I am missing something obvious.
I did address it to 001 on the fixture and in Beam Patch Editor.

Hi, thanks for trying Beam!

Here are the fixture profiles for your fixtures:

Place these files into your Fixture Profiles/User folder (found by going to the menu bar Beam > Fixture Profiles…) and restart Beam. You should now be able to add these fixture profiles via the Add Fixtures dialog.

For each of these profiles, choose the one that matches the channel mode your fixture is set to.

In case of the LED Moving Head Spider Light RGBW 8x15W, if you want to use the 43-channel mode (where you have control over the individual cells of the fixture), add it to the patch without assigning any tag in the Add Fixtures dialog.
Once the fixture is added to the patch, double-click it to see the fixture components.
Assign something like a Spider - Master tag to the Master fixture and Spider - Cells to all the Cells fixtures.
In Ableton Live, add a Generic instrument with the Spider - Master tag selected (and the corresponding modulations - y1motor, y2motor, motorspeed, shutterstrobe, effect, program and speed - the same modulations also apply when working with the 13-channel mode) and set the Intensity to 100%.
Add a Par instrument to another track and select the Spider - Cells tag. You can use this instrument to trigger envelopes of the intensities of individual cells of the fixture using MIDI notes with pitches corresponding to what is set in the Beam patch.

Something to keep in mind: if you don’t see the light turning on, try setting the shutterstrobe modulation to 100% or something like this - with many fixtures this channel needs to be fully open in order for the light to turn on.

With ADJ Fog Fury Jett, the factory fixture profile is for the 7-channel mode - have you checked if your fixture is set to that mode?
Have you selected the fog and shutterstrobe modulations in the Generic device?
As far as the Test button in the Patch Editor goes, that (currently) only sets Intensity/R/G/B/W channels to 100%, and considering the manual of this fog machine states…

Color Macros/RGBA will not work unless fog is active

…it is likely you are not seeing anything because the Fog channel is not active.
So please use the Generic device in Live to test it.

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