New fixture request BeamZ 288

Hi there. I’m needing the fixture for the BeamZ 288

Thank you!

Hi Oli, welcome to the forum. To request fixture profiles, please go through the steps described in this topic. Thank you for your understanding!


Here are the fixture profiles for the 6-ch and 64-ch modes of your fixture:
beamZ LCB288 Wash Strobe - 6ch.sbf (1.3 KB)
beamZ LCB288 Wash Strobe - 64ch.sbf (2.5 KB)

To control the light in 64-ch mode, set up your Beam patch and Live Set as following:

  1. Add the fixture to your patch, don’t assign any tag to it just yet.

  2. Double-click on the fixture to expand its components.

  3. Select only the RGB Pixels and give them a tag such as Strobe RGB.

  4. Select only the White Pixels and give them a tag such as Strobe White.

  5. In Live, use a separate Par device to control the Strobe RGB segments and Strobe White segments.

If you need profiles for any other channel mode, please submit a request via the link @Jean-Paul shared.