New Fixture Profile Help - Moving Heads

I have a couple Chauvet Pro Rogue R2X Spots I’m trying to create profiles for. I’m absolutely brand new to Beam and just trying it out so I can see if it will work for our church lighting setup. The spots have 2 color wheels in them, but when I try and make 2 colorwheel functions, it doesn’t want to work. Any tips?

Hello @tybeck3,

Adding the second Colorwheel doesn’t work, because a specific attribute name (aka. Function) or modulation name (aka. Control Name) can only be used once per fixture profile.
So you need something like Colorwheel 1 with modulation colorwheel_1 and Colorwheel 2 with modulation colorwheel_2.

However, adding custom modulation names via the Fixture Editor is currently not yet supported, but the .sbf fixture profiles are in the JSON format, so you can open them in a text editor and add the modulations manually. The added modulations will then show up in the “Control Name” dropdown, so you can use them in other fixture profiles as well.

You are also always welcome to send us DMX charts of the fixtures you are working with and we can make the fixture profiles for you.
I made these based on the chart found on Chauvet Pro’s website - if you end up using them, please let us know if they work correctly, so we can add them to our collection.

Chauvet Pro Rogue R2X Spot - 21ch.sbf (3.5 KB)
Chauvet Pro Rogue R2X Spot - 18ch.sbf (3.1 KB)

Hope this helps!