Multiple external display?

I want to use Videosync to output to three videoprojectors (2 have 1280x800 resolution the other one is 1920x1080). In Videosync I have an output window of 4480x1080 but when I move it from my main mac display to the videoprojectors only one outputs the video I want, the other two stay with the default mac background. If I move the videosync window as long as I hold the mouse button the video works on the three video projectors but when I release the mouse only one has video (the one where the mouse is).
I found a solution using Syphon output in Videosync and Touchdesigner Syphon input and from Touchdesigner I can output properly to my three video-projectors but I hoped I didn’t have to use additional software.
Any ideas ? :slight_smile:
Thank you
Live 11.2.6, OSX Monterey 12.5.1, latest version of Showsync

Hey Ivan,

You’ve already mentioned both methods that are currently possible, so I’ll elaborate on those:

  1. Using only Videosync:

    • Displays have separate Spaces should be disabled:

      • On macOS Ventura, go to System Preferences > Desktop & Dock > scroll to to the bottom, it’s in the Mission Control section.
      • On older versions of macOS, go to System Preferences > Mission Control > it should be the fourth option from the top.
    • After disabling, log out, and log back in again.

    • In System Preferences > Displays > the displays should be arranged next to each other. If the displays are stacked vertically, it will only work if the top display contains the menu bar, as it’s not possible to drag a window over the menu bar.

    • Drag the edge of the Videosync window across all three desktops.

    • In Videosync’s Control window, switch off the Border.

    • Then use the Transform device on each output track, and then use an x-offset to get the right content on the right monitor.

  2. Using Syphon outputs

    • Using separate Syphon outputs and Return tracks, you can use another application to receive the textures, which you then set to fullscreen on other monitors. The most lightweight app you can use for this is Syphon Client app, part of the Syphon Simple Apps package. You can launch this app multiple times, and then select a different Syphon input on each instance.

    • Hide it’s Toolbar from the View menu in the menu bar, and then set the app to fullscreen on your external displays.

Let me know if this helps.

Well that’s exactly what I’ve done, and the first method is only working when I hold the mouse button moving the videosync window, so I think there is a kind of bug :slight_smile:

I just checked and am still able to do it on macOS Ventura. I’ve adjusted my initial reply and added the missing steps, let me know if those help :slight_smile: