Multiple Elgato Facecam. Multi-webcam setup

hey there,

So I am building a really dope show with 3 Camera Inputs and I would love to use 3 Elgato Facecam which I have purchased. 1 attaches no problem. but as soon as I attach 2 facecams, they both populate the “external in Device” menu with two similarly named “elgato facecam” selctions. Although there are 2 webcams present and 2 dropdown selections, I only ever get 1 single view from the video sync external in.

Essentially I need to know what is the best way for me to setup a 3 camera multicam live input setup for VideoSync. Does this happen with all multicam webcams??? It only seems like Elgato Facecams do this.

I have already opened a support case with Elgato in relationship to some other problems and I’m happy to open up another support ticket. However I just wanted to check with the Showsync team first. For example in quicktime, I can easily select between facecam 1 and facecam 2. but in videosync I can only select facecam 1 thus making facecam 2 dead.

I am so excited about video sync and love the product.
Thanks so much for your help!!

if it helps at all,
once I select 1 Facecam, it will only ever allow me to view that angle, even if I add another facecam, delete the selected facecam or anything in between

I think it may be some sort of error of the naming convention.

it has also crashed videosync when I try to unplug and replug facecams

Anyways, Thanks so much!!!

Thank you David, this is all really valuable feedback.

I think it may be some sort of error of the naming convention.

I would assume this is the case. We will need to investigate this on our side. I assume the origin of the crash may be related to this as well. Could you send us a crash report? To do this follow these steps:

  • Open the macOS Console application
  • Go to the Crash Reports tab in the left panel
  • Right click on the Videosync crash in the list and click “Reveal in Finder”
  • Copy the .ips file and email it to us, or PM it to me here on the forum

just sent you the crash report over email.

small update, I’ve got my webcams working as long as i use Resolume Arena to create separate syphon streams before hitting Videosync.

Thanks so much!

Thanks for that David. I’m glad to read you found a workaround for the time being.