Multi-screen with Videosync

Hi there!
Does anyone know if there is a way to have multiple outputs with Videosync and therefore be able to have two/three different videos on two/three different screens?

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Hi Arthur,

We just released Videosync 0.9.8 - it brings Syphon outputs to Return Tracks, so now every Return Track in your Live set can now be a separate output. Then, you can use the sends in your tracks to send each video to a different Return Track - and thus a separate Syphon stream.

Videosync itself supports only one output window at the moment, so you’ll need to use another app to get Videosync’s Syphon streams to separate screens.

You can find the full release notes here:

Hope this helps!

I run an Entertainment Technology program in Columbia, MD USA
can someone send me an email to
The “contact us” email via convertkit is not working in the welcome email --it does not spawn an gmail new mail doc for me. I’m using Ableton in the SOund Design courses so this might be a nice synergy between production and performance

We will definitely need mutliscreen support so i tougt i would pop in here

Hi Patrick!

Thank you for notifying us about the broken link.

I’ve just sent you an email. Happy to help you further :slight_smile:

i did a private purchase for eval
i’ll communicate from the above email for EDU stuff