Multi Image Instrument similar to Slices or DrumRack?

I’m a relatively new user and really impressed with VideoSync so far.

I can happily use the Simpler instrument to trigger images (going into transform and other effects).

What I really want is an instrument similar to drum rack that will let me trigger different images from different midi notes (ideally with distinct effects for each image).

Does anything like this exist in the community?

My use case is within larger live performances, where there will be multiple songs in an arrangement. I want to be able to both sequence images and trigger them live at different times. I could add each image to its own track and simpler but this if sub-optimal for various reasons.

Hey Tom, welcome to the forum!

Drum Rack is exactly the way to go to achieve that. Simply drag Videosync’s Simpler onto any of the slots/chains in a Drum Rack, and you will be able to trigger individual video clips with different MIDI notes. Furthermore, every Rack chain can contain it’s own chain of effects, similar to how you would work with audio effects.

Please be aware though that videos loaded into Simpler will consume RAM, so it’s good to be conscious of resolution and how long the videos are that you wish to use. Encoded videos (like with h264) are compressed, meaning that they will be decompressed before loaded into RAM. This means that videos will consume more RAM than you’d probably anticipate.
To counter this, you can define the amount of frames that are loaded into RAM with the Start- and End Time parameters at the top of Simpler’s display.

As opposed to h264, HAP encoded videos do not require being loaded into RAM, and are instead read straight from the hard disk. Especially with Apple Silicon machines, this should be no problem considering their high speed and bandwidth. I would therefor recommend converting your videos to HAP when working with longer, high resolution videos with Simpler.

Another note; regardless of their codec, videos that are played on Audio Tracks in the Session View or Arrangement View are not loaded into RAM at all either.

  • You can read more about codecs in our Handbook on our support website, here.
  • You can find more about HAP and how to convert videos, here.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Hi @Jean-Paul - many thanks for the detailed reply. For some reason I’d assumed I could not use the video simpler in a drum rack. This is an ideal solution for my problem.

I will primarily use use still images in simpler and racks, for realtime triggering with effects applied, so not too concerned about RAM for this part. Most video will be played through audio tracks as you’ve suggested.

Thanks for your help.

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