Mapping values to a controller


Apologies if this is an Ableton/Arturia issue but I’m wanting to use my Arturia Beatstep pros endless encoders for midi mapping but the values seem to jump around a lot, and the amount between 0-100% of the desired effect is covered by only a few turns on the encoder, do you know how to smooth this out at all? When I assign the rotary encoder to a value from an ableton plugin i.e reverb it’s very smooth, but I’m struggling to get the same response using the Video sync plugins.

any help would be appreciated


Hey Mat,

Can you upload a video where you show which parameter you’re mapping and its behaviour? Are you having this problem with Videosync plugins exclusively? Or with any Max for Live plugin?

Hi JP, i think i have sorted it now, there is a function to change the values of a controller to ‘absolute’ values which it wasn’t doing for the VSync plugins, think I have sorted it now thanks!


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