Map incoming OSC to Live parameters


I managed grab incoming OSC messages with the GrabberReceiver tool. However, I don’t find a way to map incoming messages to parameters, only the other way around. Did I miss something?


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Hey Nathan,

You can use the ParamGrabber plugin to both send and receive.

Hope that helps,

Hey Mattijs,

thank you. I tried that before but somehow the parameters of the plugin weren’t selectable. After removing ParamGrabber and adding it again it worked.


The Order of the Effect Plugin isi mportant.

Make sure that the Grabber/Sender (Mapable M4L patch) is located after a Ableton Element such as EQ8, Drum Rack Instrument Rack. It you only warnt to remote Control Parameters a empty Instrument or effect rack is the best. Only 8 marco dails. Pull Your Wantend divice in this Rack ans mal the Macros. This is usefull if you warnt to change your ableiten plug ins. If you delete a ableiten effect the mapping in the Grabber is also lost brause the binded Plugin is no longer available.


Hey Nathan,

That sounds odd, I have not experienced that myself, thanks for the update. If you happen to notice a reproducible issue or inconsistency, I’d be happy to hear about it.