Mac can't see DMXIS

Hi there,

I’m trying to test Beam so I dusted off my old DMXIS. I installed Beam both on an M1 running Monterey and a 2015 macbook pro 13’’ running Mojave.
On both computers Beam can’t seem to “see” DMXIS, the only output option is ART-NET, anyone have any tips?


The DMXIS interface should work with Beam - I just tested it now on an M1 with Monterey and it successfully appears in Beam (both the latest 1.6.0 version and previous 1.5.2).

Could it be an issue with your device or the USB cable?

If you connect the device and go to About This Mac > System Report…, do you see the DMXIS appear as a USB device?

If yes, does it appear in other lighting software?

Hey Luka,

Thank you for your prompt reply, It does not appear as a USB device on mac. Both lights come up and I’ve already tried 2 different cables (and will try another one in the meantime). Any idea if the problem can be related to the FTDI driver?

Installing a dedicated FTDI driver is not necessary, macOS already has one. Actually, manually installing FTDI drivers can cause a conflict if you don’t disable macOS’s driver and there are multiple FTDI drivers. If you have done that, try uninstalling any non-Apple FTDI drivers, see Software not recognizing ENTTEC DMX USB Pro : Technical Support, step 4.1. This explanation would only make sense if you had previously installed dedicated FTDI drivers on both of your computers.

If that’s not the case, since the device doesn’t appear on two different computers, with different cables, it unfortunately seems to point towards an issue with your unit - I suggest contacting Enttec.

Yeah, they’re clean OS installs on both machines so that’s probably not it… I’m going to try it out on a friends computer before I give up. In the meantime, can you confirm if the current USB>Dmx box from Entecc ( DMX USB PRO - the industry standard for DMX to USB conversion | ENTTEC ) is currenly working well with beam?
If not, is there any easy and acessible alternative with artnet? Thanks for your help Luka.

Sounds good. Please share how it behaves with your friend’s computer.

Yes, Enttec DMX USB Pro works well with Beam!
These days you can also find Art-Net nodes in the same price range, such as Showtec NET-2/3 or 2/5. DMX USB interfaces are completely plug-and-play; working with Art-Net nodes can require a little bit of configuration (which is still easy once you’ve done it once), but they are a bit more reliable, future-proof and easier to extend.


Third computer and still the same: lights show up but isn’t detected. Leaning towards buying something else that’s more reliable. I think I’ll take that Showtec NET-2/3 or 2/5 recommendation! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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10/10 great social interaction on a Software forum, will repeat experience :smiley:


Hey Luka,

A quick update: I tried my friend’s DMXIS box and it works seamlessly, so clearly something is wrong with my unit. Since Enttec doens’t offer support anymore, I think it’s safe to say it’s now a paperweight. Might try taking it to some electronics wiz to see if something on the usb port is fried or something, cause it seems to be in working condition (lights turn on and all).

In the meantime I’ll be buying one your suggested solutions but am already setting up my show. I’ll be using a bunch of these:

lightmaXX Vega Bar LED Light Bar 4W (24x RGBW) | MUSIC STORE professional

Is there an easy way I can create this fixture profile? It’s 58 channels in this configuration:

  1. All dimming 1
  2. Strobe 1
  3. Red 1
  4. Green 1
  5. Blue 1
  6. White 1
  7. Auto Program 1
  8. All Dimming 2

repeating up to:

  1. All Dimming 8
  2. Strobe 8
  3. Red 8
  4. Green 8
  5. Blue 8
  6. White 8
  7. Auto program 8
  8. See color chase table
  9. Chase speed slow to fast

Thanks again for your help.

Best, Ed

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Hey Ed, good to hear things are working with the other interface! I posted the fixture profile in the other thread.