LiveMTC question on changing timecode for songs

Is it possible to create multiple MTC Tracks?
I use Midi and SMPTE to control lighting. If this possible I would be able to route everything in one computer.

For example:
Song 1 Midi Track 01/00/00
Song 2 Midi Track 02/00/00
Song 3 Midi Track 03/00/00
This way when a song changes it send a different miditime into LiveMTC thus telling lighting protocol to switch to the different time marker.

Is this possible?

I am currently using Ableton Live Suite, MFL, Windows 10.
I am using the midi bridge to output to loopmidi freesoftware which then routes midi information to Hog4PC (High End Systems lighting console.

I use session and arrangement view. Primarily Session to just from song to song with written out verse, intos, chorus etc.


Hi Matt,

I am not sure I fully understand your use case, but would a feature like in ClipSMPTE, where you can add an offset in the clip name, somehow help you? Perhaps by adding that offset in the scene name?

Hi there,

I also need help with this. I need to be able to offset the time code by 1 hour for each song in ableton.

So like one song would start at 1:00:00:00 and the next song would start MTC at 2:00:00:00

Does that make sense?


Hi drummerdude777, that absolutely makes sense!

The question is, how would we want to interface this in Live? Assuming you are using the arrangement view, where would you want to enter this offset? For example, would automating a parameter work? The drawback I see with this is that you would not be able to specify a very detailed time. If working in the Session view, perhaps we could use scene names, just like clip names in ClipSMPTE, to specify an exact time offset.

Any input is welcome!