LiveMTC - Loop clip in Ableton

I’m looking for a solution to send timecode from Ableton to Onyx/M-Pc light software.
I’ve tried the LiveMTC application and it works.

Now to my problem.
I’m using ableton in session view.
I’ve spitted my song into clips: Intro, Vers, Chorus, Outro. I want to be able to loop the clips occasionally, and the timecode to follow.

As it is now the timecode follows the entire Live Set and not the clips.

Is it possible?

Hi Ogizz,

I’m not sure if this what you are looking for, but we also have the ClipSMPTE plugin, which outputs audio-based timecode depending on the clip position. It takes looping and warping into account.

Let us know if this works for you!

Thank you for answer!
Yes I found and tried the ClipSMTPE the other day.
I got it to work, but the Timecode is not stable. It starts and stop irregularly.

Haven’t found out why. Any suggestions?

Hey Ogizz,

Thanks for getting back, too bad to hear ClipSMPTE’s output is not stable for you. We have so far tested it mostly with Resolume; do you have the opportunity to see if this problem also occurs when you try Resolume? It has a free demo version that you should be able to use.

Also, do you know if it is possible to run Onyx and/or M-PC in demo mode without a console? That would give us the ability to try to reproduce this issue.

Absolutely l´Il try Resolume!
Yes you can use Onyx/M-Pc to check Timecode connections without consol or license.
I haven’t got a hardware input for SMPTE so I use Lockstep to convert from SMPTE to MTC. Maby it´s the weak link.

Great, let us know what you find. I added checking Onyx and M-PC with Lockstep to our todo list.

Also, in the future I guess we should see if there is a way to let LiveMTC output a clip position instead of the arrangement position. I feel the biggest question there would be how to interface this. Say we have the MTC plugin on the master track and instead of outputting the arrangement position we now want it to output the playback position of a clip. How would we choose this?

Maybe a dropdown in the MTC plugin that has a list of tracks and also an Arrangement option, which would be selected by default? It would have to be clear that only the position of a single clip can be sent out at a time.

It would be great to hear if you or anyone else would have ideas about this.

I really appreciate your work and your will to develop your products.

Sound like a good solution to start with.
I keep this in mind and come back to you if I got any ideas.

/ Joakim