LiveGrabber slows down Live 10 reaction time

first thank you for putting this tool together. It´s what I was missing. But I come accross an issue, which you maybe should know.
I am using a lot of instances of trackgrabber and paramgrabber in total about 20 I would say. I am experiencing very long lags when I switch between tracks, click on clips or want to copy paste clips - up to several secconds! When I remove all the grabbers it is back to normal.
So that´s a big bummer. I am afraid that you maybe cannot do anything about it since this is might be an implementation problem between Max and Live.
Or can you give any adivse?

Hi nagu,

Thanks for getting in touch about this. Indeed having a lag that large when switching tracks is not an option.

I gave this a quick try on a mid-2014 macbook pro but I was unable to reproduce this. Would you be able to post your computer specifications?

Also, it would be ideal if you would have the opportunity to send me a live set that exhibits this problem for you (to Ideally it contains as little as possible other content.

Thanks in advance!

the very same MacBook!
I will send you the set.

As a follow-up to other readers: this is now fixed in Livegrabber 4.4. Thanks again to nagu for reporting this issue!

Yes, it works perfect now. Thank you for this very quick fix!