LiveGrabber & OSC with Isadora

Just wanted to update - earlier in the year, I used LiveGrabber and feed the OSC data directly into Processing to create various imagery controlled with an APC40.

This time, I feed the OSC directly into Isadora to use as a Live Projection tool.
All the images were modified with audio - the audio was captured with binaural microphones whilst walking around Manchester.

Hi mykul0rr,

Thanks for sharing!

Did you use AnalysisGrabber to send the audio envelope data to Isadora or does Isadora accept audio itself?


I used Analysisgrabber to send the OSC feed. You can use audio directly and of course midi.
The reason I opted for the OSC, is that I was testing a methodology. I had used the system to feed into Processing and now I wanted it to step up a level in order to use projection.

The workflow was pretty solid when just using Isadora as a slave projector. The difficulties come when you export the Isadora outputs to codec. I had to do some experimenting with pixel dimensions, 1920 HD was a tough ask on my laptop.

Great, happy to hear that the continuous OSC stream holds up well.