Livegrabber - GrabberReceiver

Hi, i’m using the Livegrabber to receive OSC msgs from OSCulator. The msgs seems to be arriving fine, but i don’t know how to capture each new message and map it to a Ableton param, such as the volume of a clip.

Thank you very much for your support, i’m using this tool for my degree thesis.


Hi Lean,

To map an incoming message to a parameter of a plugin, add a paramgrabber next to the plugin that has the parameter you want to map, select the parameter in one of the dropdowns and set the incoming address in the textfield next to it.

To map the volume of a track, instead of using a paramgrabber, add a trackgrabber plugin to that track.

Btw, the textfields have dropdown selectors to the right that contain the latest incoming addresses, to make things easier.